Tips for French Immersion Parents

It can be difficult to encourage your child to learn to read and converse in French! Here are some ideas and resources to help:

  • Build a French Immersion library at home! If your child has engaging books in both French and English to choose from, they’ll be encouraged to read in both languages.
  • Encourage French language through other mediums like music, television, movies, or games! These can help with the French vocabulary, boosting your child's skills and confidence.
  • Don’t be anxious about helping your child with homework in French! You can help equip them with the habits and skills they need, like critical thinking and organization, rather than with the specific assignments. Guiding questions will help them recall and understand the instructions, even if you can’t read them.
  • Provide your child with opportunities to speak French outside of the classroom. Ideas include hiring a French-speaking babysitter, inviting French-speaking friends or classmates for playdates, visiting a French café or shop, or sending your child to a French summer camp.
  • Show an interest! Let your child teach you French words they’re learning. Don’t worry about getting them wrong sometimes. Your child will love correcting you and it’ll boost their confidence and connection to their new language.
  • Invite your child to tell you in English about a story they’re reading in French. Ask them to predict what will happen next or how the story will end, and encourage them to use clues to decipher unknown words rather than heading straight to the French-English dictionary.

How to Build French Immersion Library

According to the Kids & Family Reading Report™ Canadian Edition, many children have trouble finding books they like. Try some of our best tips to have a wide selection in your French Immersion library:

  • Offer lots of choices – different genres, series, characters, and authors! Children engage more with reading when they choose their own books and when they have more books in their home.
  • Encourage your child to read a favourite English book again in French! Not only will this engage reluctant readers, but it will boost comprehension and reading confidence.
  • Ask your child’s teacher or school librarian for recommendations, especially if you’re not sure what level your child is reading at in French. Scholastic Reading Club offers a curated list of titles for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced French Immersion readers under Shop by Collection in Reading Club Online.
  • Visit your local library and browse the French section. Your child might find a new character, author, or series of books they enjoy that you can start adding to your home library.
  • Check out the French section at local bookstores. Also, search for reading apps and websites that offer French language e-books.
  • Order from through your child’s teacher! This is a great way to stock up on expertly-curated French books with a different selection each month, while helping your child’s school. Each purchase you make gives your child’s teacher FREE books and resources for the classroom!
  • We have more French Immersion books and resources available at our Classroom Essentials store! The website is bilingual, so you can read about French books in English to help you make the best selections for your child.