A Child's Reading Journey. Guide to Raising a Reader.

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One of a parent’s greatest resource is their child’s teacher!

Check in with your child’s teacher if you are ever looking for new ideas to spark your child’s reading interest and get a thorough understanding of your child’s reading level!

There are different ways to “read” a book. I teach K, so many are not reading, and won’t be by the end of the year. But it is important to know that reading can be looking at pictures and making your own story too. Jennifer D., Kindergarten Teacher

Kids & Family Reading Report

We asked English and French-speaking Canadian parents and children about their attitudes and behaviours around reading books for fun. Learn what they had to say.


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Acorn & Branches Series

Reading experts at Scholastic have created the Acorn and Branches lines to bridge the gap for kids who are ready to move beyond levelled readers, but aren’t quite ready for full chapter books yet. All designed to keep beginners interested in reading independently!

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Graphic Novels

Many children find the number of words with no pictures in chapter books to be overwhelming and this can turn them off of reading. With graphic novels, the text is broken up into manageable blocks and the pictures help with words!

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Teacher’s Pick: The Benefits of Acorn and Branches Series