A Child's Reading Journey. Guide to Raising a Reader.

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As a parent, it can be overwhelming to try and find the right books for your child's reading development. The days get busy and it’s hard to find that perfect book to engage your child. That’s why Reading Club has put together curated lists of the perfect books for your child’s grade, reading level, and interests, online and in every flyer we offer.

Here are some tips to help guide you through your child’s reading journey, every step of the way, with the right books to match!

Pre-Reading Skills

The first step of the reading journey is

  • learning how to hold a book
  • turning pages
  • recognizing letters of the alphabet

Incorporate letter recognition into playtime by using play doh or sand to draw out letters. Choose sturdy board books to stand up to your preschooler!

Reading Together

Cuddling up for a few minutes every day to read a book with your child

  • builds excitement and develops a love of reading
  • helps instill an unbreakable bond between kids and their beloved storytime

Ask your child questions about the story, too: What do you think will happen next? How are the characters feeling?

Learning to Read

Rhyming words and phonics help children learn letter sounds. Sight words teach high frequency words that children can memorize.

Some ways to keep reading fun is

  • to cook from recipes
  • have your child read to their stuffed animals, pets or siblings
  • have them read to you in the car while you’re on the go!

Reading Practice Builds Fluency

These are tips to help read everyday and everywhere

  • find a series with short chapters to make practice fun!
  • visit the library to discover new books or series your child will love
  • talk to your child about what interests them
  • ask them what type of characters they like to see in books

Confident Readers

Help older children build comprehension and discover the joy of reading by

  • reading books with longer page counts
  • reading more complex stories and themes
  • letting them read what they want, even if it’s a magazine, newspaper, or article on their phone

Teen Readers

It may seem like a challenge to keep teens engaged with books when competing with social media and videos. Keep them reading with

  • hot bestsellers
  • edgy new fiction
  • books on tough topics

Check out YA Teens flyers for books to spark your teenagers interest and keep them coming back for more!

Welcome to a lifelong love of reading. Little girl sitting in the grass reading a book.

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