Why Reading Club
  • +Earn FREE Books and More for Your Classroom Library
  • +The Benefits of Scholastic Reading Club
  • +Just-Right Books Kids Can't Resist
How Reading Club Works
  • + How Reading Club Works
    • Scholastic Reading Club Canada has served schools and families since 1957 by providing affordable, just-right books for kids that are carefully selected by teachers and reading experts. Reading Club supports teachers with FREE Books and resources for the classroom, while helping children discover the pleasure and power of reading each month through choosing and owning their own books.
    • How It Works

    • Teachers can register with Reading Club and create an account by calling Customer Service at 1-800-268-3860.
    • Teachers can then set up online ordering for their classroom. Each month Scholastic sends registered teachers flyers filled with books just right for the grades they teach to send home with students.
    • Teachers set a due date for ordering each month and give their students a flyer from each catalogue to take home.
    • Parents can submit their child’s Reading Club order and payment through Reading Club Online (if the teacher is opted-in to participate in Student Online Ordering) or by returning the paper order forms along with a checque made out to “Scholastic Canada” to the teacher.
    • Teachers submit a combined class order to Scholastic Reading Club online, by mail, fax, or phone.
    • Book orders are sent directly to the classroom.
    • With each class order, teachers can earn Bonus Bank dollars and other rewards that can be used for FREE Books and other classroom resources.
  • +Why Parents Place Reading Club Orders Through a Teacher
    • Scholastic Reading Club has a unique model. Because we negotiate with other publishers to distribute their books, we’re able to produce more affordable products that are only available for the school market. That means all orders have to be placed through the teacher and delivered directly to the classroom.
  • +Can Homeschools Use Reading Club?
    • Reading Club accounts can be set up for homeschools. Please send a signed letter of verification stating that you are homeschooling your child(ren). Please remember to include the number of children and their ages.

      Daycares would need to provide their contact information, physical address and a copy of their license.

      Please send letters and documentation to:
      Customer Service Database Administrator
      Scholastic Canada Ltd.
      175 Hillmount Road
      Markham, Ontario
      L6C 1Z7

      Or send us an email or fax:
      Email: custserve@scholastic.ca
      Fax: 1-800-387-4944 Toll-free

      School market restrictions apply to many of the books we offer. This means that we cannot accept orders from home addresses except from a legal home school or licensed day care (which qualify as a school market).

  • +Getting Started
  • +How can I make ordering easier?
  • +Scholastic's 100% Guarantee
  • +About Our Books
  • +Who Can Order from Scholastic Reading Club?
  • +Scholastic’s Privacy Policy
  • +Social Media Connections
  • +Scholastic Reading Club Product Safety
  • +Bookmark Reading Club for Quick and Easy Access
Online Ordering for Parents is Here!
  • +Parents can Order from Reading Club Online!
  • +How do I get started with Online Ordering for Parents?
  • +Where can I see my Student Online Orders?
  • +How can I edit a Student Online Order?
  • +What's New on the Teacher's Desk?
  • +Do I still earn Bonus Bank Rewards when parents place online orders?
  • +Are books ordered online shipped to parents at home?
  • +Are paper flyers going to be eliminated?
  • +What if I want to order by phone, can my parents still order online?
  • + Why can't parents use the original Parent Pay site anymore?
Placing Reading Club Orders
  • +Signing In to Reading Club

      How to Sign In You need a Reading Club account to sign in and place orders through Reading Club online.
      1. If you have already set up a Reading Club account, go to scholastic.ca/canadaclubs to sign in with the email address and password you chose when you created your account.
      2. If you do not yet have an account but would like one, contact Customer Service. Please Note: If you would like the site to remember your email address, check the Remember me box, which appears just below the password field. The site will remember and pre-populate your email address for future visits. For security reasons, your password will not be pre-populated.

      If you forgot your sign In (Username/Password):
      1. On the Reading Club sign-in page, click Forgot Your Login Information?, which is shown highlighted below.
      Screencapture - Forgot your login
      2. A Forgot Your Account Information? window will open.

      If you’ve forgotten your password:
      1. Enter your account number
      2. Enter the email address associated with your account.
      3. We’ll email you a link at that address so you can reset your password.
      Screencapture - Forgot your password

      If you’ve forgotten your Account Number or Email Address:
      1. Click Forgot your Account Number or Email Address?, which is shown highlighted below.
      Screencapture - Forgot your Account Number or Email address Modal
      2. Enter account information (name and account number or email address) so we can find your information and send it to you. Please Note: If, for some reason, your account is not found using the information you provide, please contact Customer Service.

      Why Am I Being Asked to Create a New Password?
      Reading Club has new standards for password security. If your current password does not comply with these new standards, you will be prompted to create a new password when you sign in to Reading Club.

      Why It May Be Necessary to Sign In Multiple Times
      For privacy purposes, the Reading Club site is designed to sign you out automatically if you have not been actively engaged for approximately 30 minutes. This is an important privacy feature for teachers and administrators in schools where many people often share computers.

  • +Why are there two different websites to order from?
    • Items offered on the Reading Club flyers and in the Classroom Reward catalogue are available through Scholastic Reading Club Online and are subject to school market rights. We purchase rights from other publishers to publish their books so we can produce affordable products that are only available for distribution in the school market. All orders are placed through the teacher and are delivered directly to the classroom. To order from this site, you must have a Reading Club account.
    • The Classroom Essentials and Les indispensables du prof catalogues are available through our Scholastic Teacher Store website and is available to a wider audience, allowing us to offer an online shopping option for customers who may not have a Reading Club account. This site offers products for teachers and educators. Students cannot order from this site.
  • +Ordering from the Classroom Essentials Catalogue and Les indispensables du prof?
    • To place an order from either the Classroom Essentials and Les indispensables du prof catalogue, please visit our Teacher Store Online at www.scholasticteacherstore.ca or call customer service at 1-800-268-3860 (English) or 1-800-625-8583 (French).
  • +Benefits and Tips for Placing Orders by Student Name
    • Teachers can now enter student orders with student names attached, making book distribution faster and easier! Once you are signed in to your Reading Club account, simply select Enter Orders, then click Student Flyer Orders.
    • Tips for entering student names
    • When you are placing Student Flyer Orders online, keep in mind that the way you enter the name will be printed on your packing slip as well as any credit or backorder notes for the student. You can use nicknames if one or more students share the same first name, use last initials,or nickname.
    • One example of how this may be useful: A pre-kindergarten teacher who has a morning and an afternoon group, might choose to enter "PM" prior to each student name in her afternoon group. "PM Tommy"
    • You can enter names or notes up to 19 characters in length (including spaces.) 
    • Enter student name once and it's saved for the entire school year When entering Student Flyer Orders online, the first time a teacher types in a student's name it is stored on the name drop-down menu and will be saved for the rest of the school year.
    • So each time you place a new order, when you click in the student name field, the drop down menu will appear with all student names -- simply click to select the name of the student you want to place an order for.
    • Enter student name one-time only when ordering multiple items
    • When you enter or select a student name from the drop down menu, it will remain in the student name field until you enter another name or leave the page. So enter or select a student name once, and then enter and add all the item numbers for the products they have ordered.
    • Receive a packing slip organized by student name with your order
    • When you enter orders using the Student Flyer Orders tab, and include student names with each order, the packing slip you receive in your book box will be organized by student name, making book distribution faster and easier!
    • Each student order is organized in a perforated grid, making it easy for you to tear out each student order to distribute with the books. Plus, there is a thank you to parents on the back of each tear away receipt.
  • +Different Ways to Enter Your Order Online

      Watch our video walk-through on how to enter your order online.

      Entering Student Flyer Orders by Item Number and Student Name
      Follow these steps to ensure that when the book box arrives, the packing list will show your orders organized by student name for easier distribution.

      1. From your Reading Club home page select Enter Orders, then the Student Flyer Orders tab, shown below.
      How to place a Student Flyer Order screenshot
      2. Then enter each paper order form you’ve received from your students: Type in the sudent name Enter the item number Click Add. The item will be listed and automatically saved to your cart

      - Each student name you enter will remain active until you enter another name. So if a student orders multiple items, you only need to enter his or her name once.
      - Simply click your cursor in the name field to see a list of all the student names you’ve entered during the school year—this makes it quick and easy for you to select a name from the list.
      - All student names you enter are saved for the school year and can be found and edited in your Class List on your Teacher’s Desk page.

      3. If a student has a coupon to redeem: Enter the student name, then click the coupon link under the name field to enter the coupon code. Search for the student’s requested selection by item number, title, keyword, or grade level. Then confirm the selection and the title will be added to the student’s order.
      4. Once you have finished entering student flyer orders If you’re ready to submit your order to Scholastic, click Review Cart at the bottom of the page. Continue shopping or enter your teacher order using the navigation at the top of the page.
      5. Send cheques from parents to Scholastic. Entering Student Flyer Orders Using the Teacher Order Form Student flyer orders can also be entered using the teacher order form(s).
      From your Reading Club home page, select Enter Orders then Your Teacher Order.
      Send cheques from parents to Scholastic.

      Entering Your Teacher Order by Flyer
      1. From your Reading Club home page select Enter Orders then Your Teacher Order
      How to place Your Teacher Order screenshot
      2. Select By Flyer.
      3. Click the appropriate grade and month of the flyer you wish to order from.
      4. Then use the order form to enter the items you wish to order.

      TIP: To see product information, just click on an item’s title and an abbreviated product detail panel will open. For more information, including reading levels, customer reviews, and more, click the product image to go to the full product detail page.
      5. Click Save.

      Entering Your Teacher Order by Item Number
      1. From Your Teacher Order page, click By Item #.
      Where to enter item number screenshot
      2. Enter the item number and click Add. The item will be listed and automatically saved to your shopping cart, as shown below.
      Item added to cart screenshot
      3. If you’re ready to submit your order to Scholastic, click Review Cart at the bottom of the page, or you can continue shopping or entering your class order."

  • +Adding to your order after it has been placed

      Once your order is submitted online it cannot be changed; please submit a second online order for additional items. (The new order may arrive in a separate shipment.)
      Remember, if the additional order is less than $25, a shipping charge of $5.00 plus applicable taxes will apply.

  • +Ordering by Phone, Fax, or Mail

      You will need your account number to order by phone, fax, or mail. Payment can be made by credit and/or cheque. Please do not send cash. Your books should arrive in 2-3 weeks. Many teachers hand out next month's Reading Club flyer as soon as the book shipment arrives, when interest in reading is at its peak.

      To Place Orders by Phone:
      1. 1-800-268-3860
      2. Monday through Friday between 7:30 am and 8 pm
      3. Saturday from 9 am to 1:30 pm EST
      4. Summer Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm EST

      To Place Orders by Fax:
      Fill out the paper order form(s) from the Reading Club flyers and include your name and account number on each page. Fax to 1-800-387-4944.

      To Place Orders by Mail:
      1. Include the classroom order form in your Reading Club flyer.
      2. Do NOT include your students’ order forms. Keep them for your records.
      3. Write your account number on the form.
      4. Include payment: cheque or credit card authorization. Please do not send cash.
      5. Cheques should be made out to Scholastic Canada
      6. Mail your order to:

    • Scholastic Canada Ltd.
    • 175 Hillmount Road
    • Markham, ON
    • L6C 1Z7
  • +How to Check Out

      Step 1: Review Your Order
      Before you begin the checkout process and submit your online order (which may consist of items for your classroom and student flyer orders), take a few moments to review the contents of your cart and make any changes necessary to your order. You can access your cart by clicking:
      1. Review Cart or Go to Checkout button
      2. The shopping cart button at the top of each page
      Screencapture - How to check out

      Step 2: Apply Any Rewards & Coupons
      Review the rewards you’ve earned with your order and look for those that need to be redeemed:

      1. If you have earned a coupon, type the coupon code into the field provided and click Apply.
      2. If the coupon is for a FREE Pick or Dollars to Spend, a window will open for you to select your free items.

      Please Note: If it is a FREE Book Coupon, it will not be applied to items already in your cart.
      3. When you are ready, click Continue Checkout at the bottom of the page to proceed to Step 3.

      Watch this short video to learn how to redeem both teacher and student coupons.

      Step 3: Select Your Payment Type
      1. Select your Ways to Pay for Reading Club Online Order
      - Credit, Cheque or a combination of credit and cheques
      - Cheques by mail only
      - Purchase order
      2. Fill in any necessary payment method information.
      3. Click Continue Checkout at the bottom of the page to confirm and submit your order.

      Step 4: Confirm & Submit Your Order
      1. Review your order, then click Submit Order at the bottom of the page.
      2. Once you submit the order you will be taken to the order confirmation page, which includes the details of your order and the order receipt number. Use the order receipt number if you need to contact Customer Service with any questions about this order. You will receive:
      -An order-confirmation email with full order details
      -A shipping-confirmation email once the order has shipped, which includes your order tracking number.

  • +Why Combine Your Orders
      To earn the most rewards, we recommend that teachers submit all orders (meaning, their teacher order, plus orders received from students via the paper flyer) in one combined class order each month. The larger the total dollar amount of your class order, the more rewards you'll earn for the classroom!

      Please Note:
      1. Opportunities to earn extra Bonus Bank Rewards vary from month to month, so be sure to check a current flyers or your Reading Club online ordering home page for details
      2. Promotional rewards are based on when the order is placed, not the month of the flyer.

  • +How can I increase classroom participation?
      Here are some ways other teachers have increased classroom participation in Reading Club:
      • Kids love looking at the student flyer when it arrives. Have them point out books that especially interest them.
      • Allow students who are familiar with a particular book or author to share their enthusiasm.
      • Recommend one or two books to each student that you know they would like to read!
      • Remind students to bring in their order forms!
      • Use the handy reproducible parent letters in your online Teacher's Desk to send letters or e-mails home explaining the benefits of Reading Club
      • At Curriculum Night and parent-teacher conferences, share Reading Club flyers with parents; you can discuss how the books are matched to kids' reading levels and interests and how every purchase helps earn FREE Books for your classroom library
      • Feel free to ask for help! Ask for parent volunteers to manage Scholastic Reading Club for your classroom

  • +Reading Levels

      What Are Reading Levels?
      Reading levels are evaluative measures that are applied to books in order to access and classify difficulty and readability.

      To learn more, visit: www.scholastic.com/teachers/bookwizard

  • +Shop Reading Club's Online-Only Collections

      To find books beyond what you'll find in the monthly flyers, move your cursor over Books & Resources in the top navigation bar, then look for Shop by Collection on the right side of the menu.

      Get access to:
      Club de Lecture
      And so much more!

      Be sure to check the Collection pages every month to see what's new and available.

      Once you’ve added items to your cart and are ready to review your shopping cart and/or check out, simply click the red shopping cart shopping cart in the top-right portion of the page.

  • + The Flyers You'll Receive and How to Change Them
    • The Flyers You’ll Receive
      Each month (September to June), if you are registered with Scholastic Reading Club and have placed at least one order this school year, you will receive the appropriate grade-based flyers, based on the information in your account profile. The combination of these flyers will provide a wide range of reading levels to accommodate every student in your class. Plus all current flyers are available online, along with a much wider selection of products, including special online-only collections.

      How to Change the Flyers You Receive
      Some reasons you may want to change the flyers you receive:
      You are not receiving flyers for all the grades you teach.
      You wish to receive flyers for grades other than the ones you teach.
      You are not receiving enough flyers for every student in your classroom or are receiving too many.
      To change the flyers you receive, you'll need to update your Reading Club account profile. The Role information you share with us in this profile tells us which grade flyers to send you and how many you will need for all your students.

      1. Click My Account then Profile in the top-right corner of any Reading Club ordering page.
      2. Then click Edit next to Role to update the grade(s) you teach and the number of students you need flyers for.

      TIP: If you are a classroom teacher and wish to receive flyers for grades beyond the one you teach, check those grades also.
      Please Note: Flyers are sent automatically to Reading Club customers. If you’ve placed a Reading Club order, updating your account profile will get you on track to receive the flyers you need. However, it can take up to three months once your profile information is updated for you to start automatically receiving the flyers by mail. In the interim, you can submit a request for the flyers you need through Customer Service.

      If you’d like to stop receiving Reading Club flyers by mail, please contact Customer Service.

  • +How to Receive Reading Club Flyers by Mail
    • Receiving Flyers Automatically
      Fall flyers are automatically sent to Reading Club customers whose accounts have been active during the past two school years. The clubs we send you will be selected based on your order history and the grade(s) you teach. You will continue to receive these flyers automatically throughout the Fall.

      Your Fall purchases will let us know which clubs you wish to continue receiving in the Spring. Of course you can see all current Reading Club flyers online, or order them as needed through Customer Service.

      Please note: If you are new to Reading Club, or have just updated your profile, it may take up to two months before you start receiving the flyers automatically by mail. In the interim, you can contact Customer Service to request to receive the flyers manually. You can also contact Customer Service to adjust your flyer quantity or to stop receiving a particular club.

      TIP: If you are an active Reading Club customer but are not receiving your flyers in the mail, please check with the people who handle your school’s mail to make sure that your Reading Club flyers are being delivered to your mailbox.

      How to Request Flyers
      Call Customer Service at 1-800-268-3860 or email at custserve@scholastic.ca. You should receive your Flyers in 4 to 10 business days.

  • +Download Flyers from Reading Club Online
    • From your Reading Club home page, click Enter Orders, then Your Teacher Order. Click Download for either the Student Flyer or Teacher Pages.
      Screencapture - Download Flyers

  • +Club de Lecture
    • Club de Lecture offers French and bilingual books for all grades and can be found online.
      From within your Reading Club ordering site, select Books & Resources from the top navigation bar then select Club de Lecture, which appears under Shop by Collections.

      You can also find Club de Lecture on Your Teacher Order page and All Flyers from the top navigation bar.
      Club de Lecture is offered every month.

  • +Flyer Expiration
    • Scholastic Reading Club flyers are active (with items available to order) for about 90 days.

      Online Alerts to Help You Submit Orders Before Flyer Expires
      It’s possible that a flyer could expire between the time a teacher adds an item to his or her shopping cart and the time the teacher submits that order as a part of a class order. Since items ordered from expired flyers cannot be delivered, we encourage teachers to be aware of the flyer expiration dates to avoid disappointing students and their parents.
      You will be notified via email if there are any items in your cart that are close to expiring.

      Submit your class order prior to the expiration date so that all orders can be fulfilled.

  • +When You Can Expect Your Reading Club Flyers to Arrive
    • If you are an active Reading Club customer, you will automatically receive the appropriate flyer(s) for the grade(s) you have indicated in your account profile. Flyers are sent every month, September through June.

Bonus Bank
  • +How to Use Your Bonus Bank Rewards

      Bonus Bank Rewards can be redeemed from your Bonus Bank any time you place an order by indicating the amount you would like to redeem on the Rewards & Redemptions screen in checkout (for online orders), by filling out the appropriate space on the order form, or by telling the Customer Service Representative on the phone. Please note that Bonus Bank Rewards cannot be redeemed for cash.

      You can use Bonus Bank Rewards on product from any monthly Reading Club student flyer or teacher pages, the Classroom Reward Catalogue, Clearance flyers, and Online Extras, or the Classroom Essentials Catalogue and Les indispensables du prof.

  • +How Bonus Bank Works

      What Are Bonus Bank Rewards?
      Bonus Bank Rewards are dollars that are earned each time you place a minimum $25 order from the Reading Club student flyers and teacher pages. They can be redeemed for FREE Books and Resources for your class!

      Every time you place an order with a Combined Qualifying Order Value of $25 or more (pre-tax and pre-redemptions), you earn Bonus Bank Rewards. The Bonus Bank Rewards you earn are automatically deposited in your Bonus Bank when your order ships.

      You can check your Bonus Bank balance under My Account, on your Profile page, or by calling Customer Service. To find out how they were calculated, refer to the Bonus Bank Reward chart in the teacher flyer.

      Bonus Bank Rewards do not have an expiry date and cannot be applied to an outstanding account balance.

      What You Can Purchase with Bonus Bank Rewards?
      You can use Bonus Bank Rewards on product from any monthly Reading Club student flyer or teacher pages, the Classroom Reward Catalogue, Clearance flyers, and Online Extras, or the Classroom Essentials Catalogue and Les indispensables du prof.

  • +Your Bonus Bank Balance

      Your Bonus Bank balance is available online 24 hours a day and can be accessed by signing in to your Reading Club account.
      Here is where you can find your balance online:

      1. On your Reading Club home page and ordering pages:
      Look for the red button in the upper-right corner of the page that says Bonus Bank, highlighted below.
      Screencapture - Bonus Bank Balance
      2. On your Reading Club account page, under Bonus Bank History.
      3. On any checkout page: Look for the Order Summary box at the top of the page.
      4. On the Redemptions & Rewards page, which is part of the checkout process.
      5. Your order confirmation email:

      Where to Find Your Bonus Bank History
      Click My Account at the top of the page, then select Bonus Bank History to see:

      - Your current Bonus Bank balance
      - Number of Bonus Bank Rewards earned through Reading Club orders and rewards this year
      - A list of past orders and the number of Bonus Bank Rewards you earned and spent

      When Are Bonus Bank Rewards Earned Reflected in Your Current Balance?
      The Bonus Bank Rewards you earn on an order are automatically deposited into your Bonus Bank at the same time that your order ships from our warehouse, usually within 1-2 weeks of when you placed it. They become available for you to redeem on future orders at that time.

      When you use a coupon: Bonus Points will be added to your balance once the coupons have been redeemed.

  • +Growing Your Bonus Bank

      Earning Bonus Bank Rewards with Classroom Orders
      Your classroom will earn Bonus Bank Rewards for every Reading Club class order, whether the order is placed online, or by mail, phone, or fax.

      Getting Extra Bonus Bank Rewards Through Promotions
      You can earn even more Bonus Bank Rewards for every dollar spent, by taking advantage of monthly Reading Club promotions. The larger your total class order, the more rewards you’ll earn. Monthly promotions expire each month, so we recommend that you submit all of your orders from all current flyers together in one combined class order by the last day of each month. Every month is different and opportunities to earn extra Bonus Bank Rewards vary, so be sure to check a current flyer or see your ordering home page for details.

      Referring a Teacher Earns Bonus Bank Rewards
      When you introduce a teacher to Scholastic Reading Club, you both have the opportunity to earn $20 in EXTRA Bonus Bank Rewards for FREE Books and classroom materials! Here’s how:

      - Visit scholastic.ca/referateacher
      - Fill in the coupon with your name and account number. (Your fellow teacher will need this information to redeem the coupon.)
      - Give the coupon to a fellow teacher who has not ordered from Scholastic Reading Club in the last 3 school years. He or she can then redeem the coupon when placing a first Reading Club order of $25 or more.
      - Once the order is processed, $20 in EXTRA Bonus Bank Rewards will be added to each of your accounts.

      Please Note: If you are the teacher who has been referred to Reading Club and need assistance, contact Customer Service and we will help you redeem your coupon.

  • +Paper Bonus Coupons Expiry

      Effective August 2017, we will no longer be accepting Paper Bonus Coupons. If you are in possession of any Paper Bonus Coupons, please contact Customer Service immediately to have it added to your online Bonus Bank.

  • +Refer a Teacher to Reading Club and Earn Bonus Bank Rewards!

      When you invite or reintroduce a teacher to Scholastic Reading Club, you each have the opportunity to earn $20 in EXTRA Bonus Bank Rewards for FREE Books and classroom materials. Here’s how:

      Visit scholastic.ca/referateacher
      Fill in the coupon with your name and account number.
      Give the coupon to a fellow teacher who has not ordered from Scholastic Reading Club this school year or since the 2014/15 school year. He or she can then redeem the coupon when placing a first Reading Club order of $25 or more.
      Once the order is processed, $20 in EXTRA Bonus Bank Rewards will be added to each of your accounts.
      Please Note: If you are the teacher who has been referred to Reading Club and need assistance, contact Customer Service and we will help you redeem your coupon.

Coupons, Rewards, Promotions
  • +What Is the Spell SCHOLASTIC Program?
  • +Redeeming Teacher Rewards and Coupons Online
  • +How to Select Your FREE Book Picks While Redeeming Coupons and Rewards
  • +Trouble-Shooting Rewards & Coupon Redemption Issues
  • +Coupons That Can Be Purchased to Give to Students
  • +How to Redeem Coupons for Student Flyer Orders You're Submitting Online
  • + How to Redeem an Introductory Coupon Given to You by a Fellow Teacher
  • + Monthly Reading Club Promotions
  • +Special Offer for Teachers New to Reading Club
Payment & Shipping
  • + Paying by Cheque
    • All cheques should be made payable to Scholastic Canada.
      If you’ve received cheques from parents, it is fine to include multiple cheques with your payment. Just make sure they make the cheques out to Scholastic Canada.

      Send payment in the postage-paid envelope provided in your Reading Club flyer. (If you do not have this envelope, you can use any envelope).

      Include your name and account account number in the upper-left corner of the envelope you use to submit payment.

      Include the order-payment stub (located on the back of your postage-paid envelope), if you have it, to ensure that your payment is processed properly.

      Do not include any paper order forms or your order may be duplicated.
      Mail to:
      Scholastic Canada Ltd.
      175 Hillmount Road
      Markham, ON L6C 1Z7

  • + Shipping to a Different Address
    • All orders (those placed online or with paper order forms) will be shipped together to the school address associated with your Reading Club account.

      Addresses cannot be changed once an order has been placed.
      If your address has changed because you have changed schools, please contact Customer Service.

  • + Ways to Pay for Reading Club Online Orders
    • Reading Club offers several ways for teachers to pay for classroom orders.
      Find the way that works best for you.
      By Cheque
      By Combination of Cheques and Credit Card

      Please Note:
      If you receive Student Online Orders from parents through Reading Club Online, they are paid for by parents using a credit card, and the payment is sent directly to Scholastic. (However teachers still need to submit all Student Online Orders as part of their classroom order.)

      Please do not send cash.

  • +If There Is an Outstanding Balance on Your Account
    • If there is an outstanding balance on your Reading Club account, there are two ways you will be notified by Scholastic.

      1. You can click My Account, then Billing and Payment to find this information which will include:

      The total amount due and the date as of which it was due.
      A link to see all of your transactions.
      A link to make payment online, the address if you are mailing a check, and the phone number and hours if you choose to pay by phone.

      2. You may also be alerted by phone, email or letter.

  • +Using a Combination of Cards and Cheques
    • If you are placing a Reading Club order online, and will be paying using a combination of a credit card and cheques, please follow these instructions below:

      During checkout, on the Payments page, select Payment Method then Combination of Credit Card and Cheques.

      Click Select a Card and then the credit card you will be using, or add a new card.

      Enter the amount to be paid by credit card. (Simply add up the amount you will be paying by cheque and subtract it from your total order. The remaining balance is the amount to be paid with your card.)

      Mail in the parent cheques to complete the payment.

  • +Shipping Information
    • Parents do not pay any shipping fees for Reading Club orders.
      Teachers may incur a small shipping fee if a minimum class order of $25 is not reached.

      Shipping is FREE on all orders of $25* or more. In order to keep our books affordable for students, there is a $5.00** shipping charge for orders below this minimum.

  • +How to Get FREE Shipping
    • Shipping is FREE on orders of $25 or more, otherwise, there is a shipping fee of $5.00.

      Be sure to sign up for emails to get a FREE SHIPPING coupons every month!
      Shipping can also be paid for by Bonus Bank Rewards.
      Submit your class order once per month to avoid multiple small orders, or consider adding an extra item to your order to reach the $25 minimum.

Order Status
  • +Problem Solving: When Items Are Missing or Unavailable
    • When Items Become Unavailable
      From time to time, we may run out of stock on an item or it becomes unavailable.

      If an item is no longer available, it will be listed as such online and cannot be added to your cart or ordered.
      If an item is temporarily out of stock, teachers will be made aware of this on their packing slip stating that it will ship separately when it becomes available.

      As an apology for the student, you'll be sent a consolation coupon for a FREE book worth up to $6 to be used by the parent and student toward a future Reading Club purchase. A full credit for the cost of the item will be issued.

      When an Item Is Missing from Your Order
      First check your book box for the packing list that came with the order. If the missing item is temporarily unavailable (on back order) it will be stated on the packing list and the item will be sent to you as soon as it is available.

      If an item is missing from your order and is labeled “on back order” on the packing list, we will include a consolation coupon for a FREE book worth up to $6 to be given to the student(s) who ordered those items as an apology for the delay.

  • +Order History and Status
    • Click My Account at the top-right corner of the page, then select Order History from the menu.

      For all orders placed online, see:
      Order number
      Total dollar amount of the order
      Date the order was submitted
      Order status—if it is currently being processed or if it has been delivered
      For all orders, click View Details to see the details of the order

  • +Reviewing Orders in Your Cart Before Submitting
    • To review the details of orders still in your cart, but not yet submitted, click the shopping cart Image at the top of any online ordering page. This will bring you to your Review Cart page, where you can see all the orders you’ve entered, as well as any orders received from parents online.

Receiving Your Orders
  • +When Will My Order Arrive?
    • Your order will arrive in 7 to 10 business days after it is submitted.

  • +If You Need to Return an Item to Reading Club
    • Any item purchased from Scholastic Reading Club may be returned for a full refund. No explanation is necessary.
      We want you to be completely satisfied with every purchase and encourage you to let us know why an item has not met your expectations so that we can better serve your needs.

      Please Note: Allow two to four weeks for your returns to be processed.

      Here’s all you need to do to return an item:
      Send the item along with the packing list (or a photocopy of the packing list) to:
      Scholastic Canada Ltd.
      Attn: Returns Department
      175 Hillmount Road,
      Markham, ON
      L6C 1Z7

      If a packing list is not available, a note containing the following information should be included:
      Name of the teacher who placed the order
      Account number
      School name and complete address
      Please indicate if the item is to be exchanged, credited, or if a refund is requested
      If a parent wants a refund, please indicate the name and address of the parent so a credit can be issued to the parent credit card or a refund cheque sent. If the parent would prefer a replacement or exchange, please let us know.

      Please Note: All electronics are CSA approved and come with a manufacturer's warranty. The Scholastic 100% guarantee applies for one month after receipt of the item after which time the manufacturer's warranty applies. To return an electronic item please contact Customer Service at 1-800-268-3860.

  • +How to Receive a Packing List Organized by Student Name
    • You no longer have to keep the paper order forms to know which student ordered what item when the book box arrives!

      When you submit student paper orders online through Student Flyer Orders, the packing list you receive will be organized by student names.

      When you receive the packing list, each student’s order is organized in a perforated grid, making it easy for you to tear out and distribute with the books.

  • + How to Read the Packing List
    • The packing list that comes in the book box with your Reading Club orders contains a lot of useful information. We want to make sure you can benefit from it fully, so we’ve created a Guide to Understanding Your Reading Club Packing List.

      If you have questions about your packing list or your order, contact Customer Service.

Account Information
  • +Manage/Update Your Reading Club Account
  • +Retiring Teachers
  • +Account Balances
  • +How to Unsubscribe from Scholastic Emails
  • +About Reading Club Contests
Technical Trouble-Shooting
  • +If You’re Experiencing Technical Difficulties
  • +Bookmark Reading Club for Quick and Easy Access
  • +How to Clear Cookies and Cache

      Many browser-related problems can be easily fixed simply by clearing your cache and/or cookies. (Keep in mind that clearing your cookies will remove all website information stored in your browser, such as sign-in information, passwords, site-specific preferences, etc.)

      What Are Cookies and Cache?


      These are small data files that websites create on your computer to record your preferences when using that website. For example, they are the reason a site can remember your username and password (so you don’t have to type it in every visit), help you stay logged in to the site, and allow the site to “remember” what items you have saved to your shopping cart. (Like many websites, scholastic.ca uses “cookie” technology to collect non-personal identifiable information to benefit our customers’ experience. Please see our privacy policy for full details.)


      Your computer’s cache stores temporary Internet files, keeping track of the pages you have visited on the web and saving the information for short periods of time. It is what allows you to hit the back button on your browser and navigate to the previous page you were on.

      Clearing with Different Browsers

      Look below for directions on how to clear the cache and cookies from your computer.

      Internet Explorer 11:

      1. On the top right of the browser window, click on the Tools icon
      2. Select Safety, then select Delete browsing history… Or if the menu bar is enabled, you can select Tools, then select Delete browsing history… Or you can use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+Del
      3. In the Delete Browsing History window, place a checkmark in the following check boxes, making sure none of these boxes are checked:
        • Temporary Internet files and website files
        • Cookies and website data
      4. Click Delete. You will get a confirmation at the bottom of the window once it has successfully cleared your cache and cookies.

      Internet Explorer 9 and 10:

      1. Select Tools, then select Safety, and then select Delete browsing history...
      2. Make sure to uncheck Preserve Favorites website data and check both Temporary Internet Files and Cookies, then click Delete.
      3. Close out of the browser and restart.
      4. You will get a confirmation at the bottom of the window once it has successfully cleared your cache and cookies.

      Internet Explorer 8:

      1.  From the Tools menu in the upper right, click Internet Options
      2.  Click on the General tab, select Browsing History, click Delete
      3. Deselect Preserve Favorites website data, and select Temporary Internet files, Cookies, and History
      4. Click Delete.

      Internet Explorer 7:

      1. From the Tools menu in the upper right, select Internet Options.
      2. Click on the General Tab and then, under Browsing History, click Delete.
      3. Click on the Delete files button
      4. Click the Yes button
      5. Deselect Preserve Favorites website data, and select Temporary Internet files, Cookies, and History
      6. Click the Yes button

      Firefox 3.5 for Windows:

      1.   From the Tools menu, select Clear Recent History.
      2. From the Time range to clear drop-down menu, select the desired range. To clear your entire cache, select Everything.
      3. Click the down arrow next to Details to choose what history elements to clear (e.g., check Cookies to clear cookies), and then click Clear Now.


      Firefox 3 for Windows:

      1. From the Tools menu, select Clear Private Data, and then select the items you want to delete such as Browsing History, Cache, or Cookies.
      2. Click Clear Private Data Now.


      1. Click the Chrome menu(the button with three horizontal dots) on the toolbar in the upper right corner of the browser window.
      2. Select More tools, then select Clear browsing data.
      3. From the Clear browsing data window, choose the period of time for which you want the information cleared, ranging from “the last hour” to “since the beginning of time.”
      4. Then select the items you want to clear, such as Clear browsing history, Clear download history, Empty the cache, Delete cookies, and Other site data.
      5. Click Clear browsing data.


      1.  From the Safari menu, select Reset Safari.
      2. From the menu, select the items you want to reset, and then click Reset.


      Firefox 3.5 for Mac OS X:

      1. From the Tools menu, select Clear Recent History.
      2. From the Time range to clear: drop-down menu, select the desired range. To clear your entire cache, select Everything.
      3. Click the down arrow next to Details to choose which elements to clear and then click Clear Now.


      Firefox 3 for Mac OS X:

      1. From the Tools menu, select Clear Private Data.
      2. Select the elements you want to clear, such as Browsing history, Cache, or Cookies, and then click Clear Private Data Now.


      Mobile Safari for iPhone OS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad):

      To Clear Cache and Cookies:

      1. From the home screen, tap Settings, and then tap Safari.
      2. At the bottom of Safari’s settings screen, tap the buttons for Clear Cookies and Clear Cache. To confirm, tap Clear Cookies or Clear Cache again.

      To Clear History:

      1.  From the home screen, tap Safari.
      2. At the bottom of the screen, tap the Bookmarks icon.
      3. In the lower left, tap Clear.
      4. Tap Clear History.




  • +Check your Password
Book Submissions
  • +Submitting a book to be included on Reading Club?
    • We are happy to review your book for possible inclusion. Reviews will be completed within 60 days; responses will be sent only to those whose books are of interest. Please send a cover letter with your contact information (including email if possible) and 1 non-returnable copy of your book to:

      Published Book Submissions
      Scholastic Canada Ltd
      604 King Street West
      Toronto, ON
      M5V 1E1

      Please do not send original art or last copies. We will make sure that all Scholastic divisions for whom your book might be appropriate get a chance to see it. However, please note that our Publishing division is not accepting unsolicited book projects at this time.

Environmental FAQs
  • +Minimizing our carbon footprint
    • We are doing a number of different things to ensure our offers are environmentally responsible and have the smallest carbon footprint possible.
      • We print our promotions on FSC-certified papers.
      • We print in Canada and source our paper from a mill nearby, minimizing the shipping involved in getting paper to the
      printer, and promotions to schools.
      • We wrap our kits in oxo-biodegradable plastic that breaks down over time.
      • We continue to reduce our mailings to limit the paper and shipping necessary, minimizing our use of resources like
      wood and fossil fuels.
  • +Scholastic Reading Club paper and printing
    • We source the paper for our student flyers from an FSC-certified mill in Ontario. This lets us ensure that sources meet the standards for responsibly managed forests.
  • +The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
    • The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit organization that supports environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests. In order to certify a paper product the council monitors the paper-making and printing processes, from the forests to the warehouse, to ensure that they are environmentally responsible. The FSC ensures that the forests where our paper pulp comes from are well managed and sustainable, and that the printers are as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. When a paper product has an FSC logo on it, like our promotions, it means that it has met the FSC criteria for environmentally responsible production choices.
  • +What parts of the Reading Club package can be recycled?
    • Once teachers, parents and children have had an opportunity to make their selections from the monthly Reading Club offer, the flyers can be placed in your regular recycling bin. The plastic straps and shrink wrap that hold the Reading Club together when they arrive in the mail are also recyclable.
  • +Shrink wrap and plastic bags
    • Our bags and shrink wrap are made of oxo-biodegradable plastic, which means that they will break down over time. Oxo-biodegradation is a two-step process in which the plastic first starts to break down under exposure to oxygen and heat. The smaller molecules are then further broken into carbon dioxide, water and biomass through reaction with naturally occurring microorganisms. Oxo-biodegradable plastics are not suitable for compost, but they can be recycled.