Reading is Giving

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About Our Reading is Giving Program

Right here in Canada there are plenty of boys and girls who don't have any books in their schools. Classrooms across Canada have the power to change that! The Reading is Giving special reading program empowers students to read and make a difference. When your students read 100 books by May 31, 2018 Scholastic Reading Club will donate 100 books to kids who need them!* The donation will be made in honour of your class with the help of Scholastic's Literacy Partners. That's why the program is called: Reading is Giving!

*Up to 50,000 books

How to Participate in Reading is Giving:

  1. Read, Read, Read!
    Encourage your students to read 100 books by May 31, 2018. All books count, whether they are read at school or at home. Keep track of the books your students read on your Reading is Giving Poster, which will arrive FREE with your March order. Or, call 1-800-268-3860 to have one sent to you.

  2. Reach your Goal!
    Hang the Reading is Giving tracking poster in your classroom to motivate your students towards their goal!

  3. Tell Us When You've All Read 100 Books!
    Starting with your April order, check the Reading is Giving box on your Order Form; or email your name, school and account number to; or call Customer Service toll-free at 1-800-268-3860.
    When we hear from you, we'll donate books to children in need through our literacy partners! No purchase necessary.

  4. Look for a Special "Thank You"!
    We'll send your class an official Certificate of Thanks. Your students will be proud to hang this certificate on their classroom wall!

  5. Reward Your Students!
    Download individual certificates, bookmarks and stickers for each of your students.

Our Literacy Partners

Encourage your students to read 10 books each by May 31, 2018. All books count, whether they are read at school or at home!

  • Frontier College

    Frontier College is a Canada-wide, volunteer-based literacy organization. Since 1899, Frontier College has been developing and delivering literacy programs across the country. In order to meet the increasing literacy needs of a knowledge-based society, Frontier College has recruited thousands of volunteers across Canada to reach children in high-needs communities as well as adults with particular learning needs. Frontier College believes literacy is a right for all. To learn more about Frontier College, please visit

    "Frontier College is part of a great heritage in Canadian history... a heritage known as popular or non-formal education. This heritage recognizes that all people have the desire and the capacity to learn and that education takes place everywhere in the community, not just in the classrooom. It is these methods and these teaching approaches that enable us to teach all citizens, especially those that are most isolated and dispossessed."
    — Sandi Kirevago, Director of Communications, Frontier College

  • Conseil pour le développement de l'alphabétisme et des compétences des adultes du Nouveau-Brunswick

    The Council was founded in 1989 as the Literacy Foundation of New Brunswick, with the mandate to promote French literacy throughout the Acadian and Francophone populations of New Brunswick. The Council, through its family literacy project, offers programs and workshops to give tools to parents and early childhood centres. These programs are aimed at developing the confidence and expertise of parents who want to help their children learn to read, and develop a lifelong love of reading. Their Prêt-à-conter (Ready-to-tell) program offers a kit complete with a story book, puppets, accessories, a nonfiction book, an audiobook, a game, and an activity sheet. This kit can be shared between families and used anywhere that parents and children are together: at home, at the library, at school, at pre-school, etc. For more than 20 years, teams of volunteers have formed around the province, and the Council is proud to have 13 branches. For more information, visit

  • Fondation pour l'alphabétisation

    The Literacy Foundation works to prevent illiteracy through its grassroots project, The Gift of Reading®. Since 1999, more than 323,000 underprivileged children in Quebec have received a new book through the Literacy Foundation. The Gift of Reading reaches out to children from infancy to age 12, as well as to parents who have difficulty reading and writing. To find out more about Literacy Foundation, visit

    "The Literacy Foundation has garnered unique credibility and expertise with respect to both literacy training and basic training. It is a real bridge between the public and literacy organizations, as well as the literacy training and lifelong learning networks. The Literacy Foundation has the largest membership network (individuals, organizations, companies) in Canada, and we direct all requests to the appropriate literacy training resources."
    — Diane Mockle, CEO, Literacy Foundation

  • United Way 

    As the largest privately-funded non-profit, United Way improves lives and builds community in 40 countries and territories worldwide. We all benefit when a child succeeds in school, when someone finds a job or a family moves out of poverty and towards possibility. United Way and our volunteers energize and inspire caring individuals and partners to make a lasting difference for others in their community.

    At United Way Regina, we are improving educational outcomes for Regina’s children and youth. We know children and youth are the future of our communities. To be successful, a child needs to live and grow in supportive, inclusive and nurturing environments. Together, we address inequities, create opportunities and support families so every child can reach their full potential. For more information, visit

  • Save The Children

    Save the Children is the world’s leading independent organization for children. Our team is committed to ensuring children realize the rights to which they are entitled under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Our work saves and improves the lives of children who are in danger, exploited, dehumanized and denied access to basic necessities, whatever the cause. This is accomplished through programs, both internationally and here in Canada, that rely on collaborative partnerships that elevate results and better ensure long-term sustainability. To find out more about Save The Children, visit

  • Le goût de lire

    Le goût de lire is a non-profit from New-Brunswick. Their mission is to teach new parents to start doing activities about language development, early reading, and writing with their children at the earliest age. That is why they give francophone parents of every newborn in New-Brunswick a kit with at least one book and information about the importance and benefits of literacy for young children. To find out more about Le goût de lire, visit

Resources and Reproducibles

Download and print these FREE certificates, bookmarks and stickers to recognize your students' reading achievements!

Now that your students are participating in the Reading is Giving program, this is the perfect opportunity to teach them ways that they can make a difference. Here are some materials to help you.



Read Aloud with Discussion Questions — Grades K-3 PDF
Share this popular fable that demonstrates even in this big world, the small can be mighty!

Community Outreach PDF
Check out these suggestions for ways you and your students can expand your community outreach efforts beyond our Reading is Giving program.

Graphic Organizer PDF
Help your students discover their own ideas about how they can make a difference in the real world — within their communities and beyond.

Writing/Drawing Prompt — Grades K-2 PDF
Allow young students to express their feelings about their Reading is Giving program experience using this creative prompt..

Writing Prompt — Grades 3-6 PDF
Ask older students to put themselves in "someone else's shoes" by writing from the point of view a child children who received books.

Reading is Giving Party PDF
Celebrate the accomplishment of completing the Reading is Giving challenge while reinforcing the lessons learned through the program.





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For any further inquiries about our Reading is Giving program, please send an email to