French Immersion Tips for Parents

What are parents of French Immersion students generally concerned about?

  • Parents can be anxious by not being able to help with homework.
  • Parents cannot converse with their children at home, or correct their vocabulary or pronunciation.
  • Parents don’t know how to support their kids’ learning at home.

It can be difficult to encourage your children to learn to read and converse in French, but don’t be anxious about assisting them with French homework! You can equip them with the habits and skills they need, like critical thinking and organization, rather than with the specific assignments. Guiding questions will help them recall and understand the instructions, even if you can’t read them. Here are some ideas to help:

Illustration © Mo Willems, 2019
  • Build a French Immersion library at home!
  • Invite your child to tell you in English about a story they’re reading in French.
  • Encourage French language through other mediums like music, television, movies, or games!
  • Read anything French. Read signs, newspapers, game instructions, the back of the cereal box, comics, books, magazines. Anything. Just read.
  • Show an interest! Let your child teach you French words they’re learning. Your child will love correcting you if you get it wrong!
Illustration © Raina Telgemeier, 2015
Illustration © James Dean, 2015
  • Provide your child with opportunities to speak French outside of the classroom (traveling to French speaking places in Canada, sending your child to French camp, finding a pen pal).
  • If homework appears too challenging, put it away and talk to your child’s teacher the next day.