About Reading Club
  • +What is Scholastic Reading Club?

      Simply put, Scholastic Reading Club is the easiest, most reliable way to get your child excited about reading! There is a Reading Club flyer for every grade level from preschool through high school. Each club is exclusively school-based, and is run by a classroom teacher. Each month in the student flyer, your child will find a terrific selection of new and noteworthy fiction, classics, award-winning titles, perennial favourites, reference books, and more.

      Reading Club offers a convenient way to purchase the best books at huge discounts. Prices are as low as $2. Plus, if you're ever dissatisfied with an item, you can return it for a full refund.

      Also, by participating in Scholastic Reading Club, your child's teacher can earn FREE teaching materials. Every order you or your child places helps earn Bonus Bank Rewards that your child's teacher can use to choose FREE classroom resources.

      Scholastic Reading Club is your partner in helping your child fall in love with books and become a great reader. That's why we're here. Happy Reading!

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  • +How Does Scholastic Reading Club Work?

        1. Teachers distribute monthly flyers to their students.
        2. Students take the flyers home to select books, interactive learning tools, or other items with their parents.
        3. Parents can place their child’s order online or students can return order forms and payments to their teachers.
        4. Teachers place the classroom order with Scholastic Canada.
        5. Within 3 weeks, the box of books arrives in the classroom.

      The day that the books arrive is an exciting one for students and teachers!

  • +Tips for French Immersion Parents
      It can be a challenge to encourage kids who are learning French to read and converse in their new language. We’ve put together some ideas and resources to help! Plus, Scholastic Reading Club can help you select French books to build your child’s reading skills at home – even if you do not speak French yourself! To learn more, check out our list of tips for French Immersion parents.
  • +How Can I Get Involved in Scholastic Reading Club?

      Scholastic Reading Club is licensed to run exclusively through the school. Some parents get involved by helping their child's teacher run the Reading Club each month.

  • +How does Scholastic choose which products to offer in the Reading Club?

      Our team of editors pores through literally thousands of books published for children every year and selects high quality, grade-level appropriate titles for each Reading Club offer.

Getting Started
  • +How to Create a Reading Club Account

      To enter the Scholastic Reading Club website, parents need to create an account and connect to a teacher who is participating in Reading Club. This ensures that the orders you place are delivered to the correct classroom and that the classroom will receive all of its rewards.

      Here’s how to create a Reading Club account:

        1. Select to connect to your child's teacher

        2. In the window that opens, select Find Your Teacher and then search by province and city or postal code to find your school.

        3. Choose your school name and select Next to access the list of teachers from that school who are registered with Reading Club Online.

        4. Select your teacher’s name, then Next and Create An Account

        If you cannot find your child’s teacher in our system, contact the teacher directly. It’s very possible that he or she participates in Reading Club but does not use the online ordering site. If this is the case, you can order using the paper order forms and the form of payment the teacher prefers.

        5. On the Create an Account window, enter your name, email address, password, update your preferences, and read and accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy then select Continue. (The email address and password you submit are what you will use to sign in to Reading Club on future visits.)

        6. You’ll be prompted to Add a Child to your account next. All items ordered through Reading Club must be associated with a child's name so that the order is sent to the correct teacher. Enter your child's name and grade and select Add. Once you add a child, you'll be ready to start shopping!
  • +Register Your Child(ren)

      Every item you order through Scholastic Reading Club must be assigned to a child so that it is delivered to the correct teacher and classroom. There are a few ways to register/add a child to your Reading Club account.

      When you first create your Reading Club account, you will add a child and connect them to their teacher as part of the set up process.

      After you enter the site you can add a child-- or multiple children—to your Reading Club account any time. Here’s how:

    • Login to Reading Club Online and select My Account, then Profile. Your Reading Club account will open.
    • Find My Children in the footer of the page and choose Add a Child.
    • Enter the child’s information (name, grade) and then select Find Your Teacher and follow the prompts to connect them to their teacher.
    • Once you select Save, this information will be saved to your account.
    • Repeat the process if you have more than one child to add.

    • Note:
    • You only need to add (or update information for) a child once during each school year, unless they change schools or teachers.
    • One order and one payment can be made for multiple children and the books and products will be sent directly to each child’s classroom. Your payment goes directly to Scholastic.
Placing Orders
  • +Placing an Order Online

      Ordering from Reading Club Online is fast and easy. Download this Guide for a step-by-step walk through of how to order online, or follow the steps on this page.

    • Choose and create your Reading Club account, finding your child's teacher and adding your child to your profile.
    • Shop the site and add items to your cart.
    • Checkout in 3 easy steps:

    • Step 1 : Review Your Cart

      To review your cart, either select Go to Checkout after adding an item to your cart or choose the cart button that appears in the top-right corner of all Reading Club ordering pages.

      On the Review Your Cart page you can:
    • Assign each item in your cart to a child. (The book(s) will be delivered to this child’s classroom).
    • Change the number of items ordered, if necessary.
    • Redeem any coupons
    • Then, select Proceed to Checkout to continue.

    • Step 2 : Enter Payment/Review Shipping Information
    • Enter your payment method. (Please Note: Credit Notes can not be redeemed online. If you would like to pay with a credit note, please submit your paper order form to your child's teacher along with the credit note and a cheque for any additional payment.) Then select Continue Checkout . Your order will be shipped to the child’s classroom once the teacher submits it with his/her classroom order.

    • Step 3 : Confirm and Submit Your Order
      Review your order and select Submit Order. Once your order has been submitted:
    • Your payment information is sent directly to Scholastic, and your order is sent to the teacher’s online account to be submitted to Scholastic with his or her class order. (Your card is not charged until the items have been shipped.)
    • You will receive an order confirmation email.
    • The teacher will receive an email alerting him or her of your order awaiting submission.
    • You will receive an automated email when the teacher submits the classroom order to Scholastic for processing.
    • You can check your online account to see the status of your order at any time by clicking My Account and then Order Status & History.
  • +Enter Orders by Item Number

      If you have a paper flyer, the fastest way to enter your order online is by entering the item numbers of the products you’d like to purchase. Here’s how:

    • After signing in to Reading Club, search for Enter Item # on your homepage.
    • Enter the item number for the product you’d like to purchase and select Add to Cart.

    • TIP: You’ll find the item number in your Reading Club flyer next to the product image and title.

  • +How to Revise or Cancel an Order Already Submitted to a Teacher

      Teachers are not able to edit a parent order that they’ve received online. If you want to change an order you have sent to the teacher, the teacher will have to delete your order and you’ll then have to place another order.

      Check your Order Status online to see if your child’s teacher has submitted the full class order. If it’s not yet submitted, contact the teacher and request that he or she delete your order. Since parent credit cards are not charged until the order ships, you will not be charged.

      Note: If your child's teacher has already submitted the class order it goes directly to the warehouse and we are unable to change or cancel it. However, once you receive the item, you can return it through your child's teacher for a full refund or exchange.

  • +Shipping Information

      Parents do not pay any shipping fees for Reading Club orders. Teachers may incur a small shipping fee if a minimum class order of $25 is not reached. However, this fee is waived if the order includes an online order from a parent.

      All Reading Club orders are delivered to your child’s classroom.

  • +When Will My Credit Card Be Charged?

      When you order from Reading Club online, your credit card is not charged until the order is shipped to the classroom.

      However, at the time your order is submitted your credit card will be pre-authorized for the full amount of the order to ensure that the payment method is valid. (This is a standard banking practice over which Scholastic has no control.) This authorization is not a charge, although some banks may hold the authorized funds as unavailable until the authorization expires. It’s important to keep the amount of your order available in your account so that the charge can be completed after the teacher submits the order for processing and the item is shipped.

Coupons & Promotions
  • +Redeeming Reading Club Coupons Online

      Follow the instruction on this page or download this Guide for a step-by-step walk through of how to redeem a Free Book Pick Coupon

      Important Things to Note About Redeeming Coupons

    • Coupons cannot be applied to items already in your cart. Once you have entered your coupon code, you will be prompted to select the book you wish to redeem the coupon for.
    • FREE Book Pick Coupons allow you to select a book worth the amount of the coupon or less. They are not “dollars off” coupons and can not be applied towards a more expensive item.
    • Some coupons may require a minimum purchase amount to be valid. Please check your coupon for details.
    • You can redeem your coupon for items in any active Reading Club flyer.
    • Parents can redeem up to three coupons with each order.
    • Only Reading Club coupons can only be used with Reading Club orders. Coupons received from other Scholastic businesses or other coupon websites will not be accepted.

    • How to Redeem Your Coupons

      Coupons are redeemed on the Review Your Cart page, which can be accessed by selecting Go to Checkout after adding an item to your cart or by choosing the cart button in the header of the page.
        1. On the Review Your Cart page, enter the coupon code in the field below the list of items in your cart, then select Apply.
        2. A window will open for you to make your Free Pick selection.
        3. Find your selection by searching for item number or title, or use Select By to choose a grade level and see a list of books to choose from.
        4. If you choose to view a list of books, you can sort the list by choose either ITEM#, TITLE, FLYER, or PRICE.
      Once you have indicated your selection, select Confirm & Apply. The item’s price will display as free, along with the coupon code.

      How to Change a FREE Book Pick Selection

      If you have already made a FREE Book Pick selection and wish to change it, you may do so prior to submitting your order. Once your order has been submitted, it cannot be changed (but you are welcome to return any items). To make your change, find the free selection you wish to change on the Review Your Cart page, then select the Edit button next to it. A window will open for you to make your new selection.

  • +Who to Contact with Questions About Your Reading Club Order or Account

      Parents should contact their child’s teacher if they have questions about:

    • An item they have ordered
    • The status of any Reading Club orders placed using paper order forms and delivered to the teacher
    • Returning an item

    • TIP: For questions about the status of a Reading Club order placed online, you can check your online account page. See Order Status & History for details. If questions persist, please contact the teacher.

      If you have a question regarding a credit card charge, a cheque submitted through a teacher, or other billing issue, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-268-3860 or readingclubparents@scholastic.ca

      Note: If you contact Customer Service via email, please include the following so that we may better assist you:
    • Your name and that you are a parent
    • The name of your child’s teacher and school information
    • The nature of the inquiry